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Bridges 11

untitled (297)Burdekin River near Ayr at Homehill. Water, Ayr and Home, I am sure poets would do something with that offering. This is a covered bridge like used to be in Nabiac. Being that this is the dry season we have seen more sand than water in many of the other rivers, but this one is major and full.

Over Johnstone River coming into Cairns. Joseph Mcavoy Bridge. I finally get a pen and paper to preserve the name. Some indications that he may have been a keeper of the bridge from sugar cane growing areas in late 1800s. But this could just be someone with the same name. Other noteworthy items include crocodile sightings upstream and that major road works are happening. No surprise on the croc thing, it’s close to the coast, wide and with mangrove banks.untitled (300)

Same, same over Mulgrave River, also coming into Cairns, near Gordonvale. This time named for a Desmond Tranamore. This time I am able to google that he was a police officer, killed in the line of duty in 1964, at the cost of $48 million this girder bridge replaced the low-set bridge, at an increase height of some 5m. Understandably many of these bridges used to flood in the wet season, people in the early 1970s used to say, ‘if someone spits upstream the Bruce Highway floods’, things have improved since I lived in Brisbane with my first husband.

untitled (301)
Lucky not in flood for us.

Over the Barron River multiple bridges. We crossed this river in Kurunda, Mareeba and Malanda. Each bridge equally as impressive with height between water and roadway. I think they have floods up here. We were both on the Captain Cook highway and on the way into Freshwater for these crossings.

Over the Annan River Bridge and causeway – Near Keatings lagoon. Kakadu like wetlands. Labeled with a “Big Annan Bridge” sign, but is really an old ‘pick a plank’ wooded construction with roadway covering. The car jerks across, with us wondering what would happen if the tyres get caught in a gap? The causeway has a chasm at the top of some falls, and is made of sections of concrete. We are really heading in the beyond.

Before Palmer River Roadhouse North of the Bverstown Range and lookout. Workmen and stock the only other moving things.

FAr north queensland
Called a development road , heading towards Cooktown on the inland sealed road.

Rollo Gallop Bridge was it a gully or waterway? Rivers in this area flow into the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Palmer River. While we make an effort to get a view of the bridge and river we are chased by the Road House owner who is wondering what us city drongos are up to wandering about with backpacks. “yar not going bush walkin, are yars?’

The river has steep sides with minimal water, but flood flotsam is in the trees. WA registered caravan waits while we cross (The bridge is only single lane.) In the roadhouse is a museum filled with tales of people and how they traversed the river and travelled in past decades.

Near palmer River road house
Even this river can flood.



Fish N Chips FNQ style

Townsville fish and chips
The Townsville feed!





Dingo Old fashioned tropical beach pub, sand floor, stroll in from the beach or fishing for a cold one. But that’s the good bit. Our fish and chips best described as ordinary, it looks like pre-prepared fish fillets. $4 a serve of chips, nothing smaller, not sold as a fish and chips meal. I opt for a fish burger, lettuce, tomato, beetroot and large fresh white roll. Lemon and tartare sauce comes with the fish. (or you can pay $2 for a pack). A piece of fish and the burger costs us $25! Before drinks! (featured image)

Harold’s Townsville. German (European ?) girls serving behind the counter, seem to be learning. Specials – Barramundi and salad (crumbed), huge fillet but it would be better not crumbed. Reasonable salad, but we did not expect chips as well. Good value, but not as cheap as Saviges Bribie Island. My grilled offering is a tiny fillet. Rod has to ask for lemon, tartare sauce is 50c a sachet.

Townsville fish and chips
Best feed – Agnes Waters – 1770

Horseshoe Bay Fish and Chips. Magnetic Island, off shore from Townsville. Spanish Mackerel which seems to be the fish and chips basic offering up in FNQ, sort of like Flake is to Victorians. Much better than Harolds in town. Fish and chips $10. They offer a fish burger with choice of grilled, battered or crumbed. $3.50 for serve of chips, which is huge and double wrapped. A sign says, “Best on Maggie”, you’ll hear me shout! Ironic because a deaf lady takes the orders, which you indicate by pointing.

Magnetic Island from Townsville
Over there to Magnetic Island

Beachcomber Caravan Park South Mission Beach. Piece of fish $8.50 minimum chips = $4.50 that are too many. Opt for fish burger, choice of the lot – bacon, cheese, pineapple, beetroot, and onions. Brilliant meal and better value than the more classic F & C $10.30. They use Spanish Mackerel, lightly crumbed.

Disappointingly we could not find any fish and chip shops open near the Cairns Lagoon, to have a water-side picnic. Nothing had take-away, it was all posh sit down jobs.

Trinity Beach Bar N Grill. Sampling from the menu – Pig dog pork riblets… bacon and cheese $7.50. Sure these must be good for you. Spanish Mackerel $8 a piece, $11 if you have fish and chips. With lemon and tartare sauce. Thick yellow batter. I decide to compromise in an attempt to lose weight and opt for grilled, a very small, dry piece was the offering.

untitled (274).png

Grill’d and Gutt’dCooktown. This little establishment gets our vote for the best, most perfect brown grilled fish. We pick Barramundi $9.90 – we have just been fishing for this delicacy out on the river, and know they are locally caught because three didn’t make it into the boat. Served with lemon on a bed of rice, why? ‘To keep it moist’, but offered up with plenty of “don’t know” looks. Great salad. Chips were a bit limp, ‘not their fault’, says Rod. They were left in their paper while we ate the wonderful fish. The meal cost us $30 for two, reasonable considering the quality.